Seafood Sundays

We’re kicking off our Seafood Sundays with a New Orleans-style crawfish boil.

A special three-course menu starts you off with a winter chicory salad with blood orange and pomegranate. Then dig into a dish of spicy boiled crawdads with Cajun spiced butter, pearl potatoes, and garlic bread. To finish off the meal? You saw this coming ... beignets, of course!

Mark your calendars for crawfish boils starting this Sunday with more seafood coming your way -- from crab to lobster to mussels -- throughout the year as seasons change.

$37 per person


First Course

Winter Chicory Salad

Blood Orange, Pickled Fennel, Pomegranate Seeds, Thai Basil, Candied Pine Nuts, Ricotta Salata , Honey Lemon Spiced Vinaigrette

Second Course


With Pearl Potato, Fennel, Cajun Spiced Butter, Grilled lemon, and Garlic Bread


Powdered Sugar Beignets

Blackberry sauce