matthew d’ambrosi

Matthew D’Ambrosi’s love for cooking stems back to his early childhood when he gained experience in the kitchen helping his mother prepare dinner each night. At 11 years-old, his family left his hometown of Corte Madera, California and moved to Yucatan, Mexico, where he accepted his first position as a kitchen assistant in a local beach bar. Living near the water and becoming an avid fisherman, D’Ambrosi developed a passion for seafood.

D’Ambrosi returned to the San Francisco Bay Area where he continued to work in the restaurant industry while pursuing a Culinary Arts degree.  Upon graduating, he worked as lead line cook at Picco in Larkspur, a role he held for five years. In 2007, he pursued his international culinary career in Costa del Sol, Spain as the Executive Chef at the Aztec Club and Fellini’s Italian Restaurant, where he created and curated dishes with local sustainable ingredients.

When D’Ambrosi moved back to San Francisco he joined Waterbar as sous chef and from there broadened his skill set as the Andal Management Group Corporate Executive Chef where he oversaw the opening of Mezcalito, Valencia St. Station and Bottellon.

In 2018, D’Ambrosi moved to Healdsburg to helm the kitchen of spoonbar.  Guests can expect to see new, distinctive seafood dishes on the menu, as well as updated classics such as his Smoked Gouda Burger. 

When D’Ambrosi is not in the kitchen, he enjoys traveling, fishing and scuba diving.